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My name is Leslie Martin.  I am a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner.  I work with individuals that are interested in improving their health through better nutrition.   


I have a passion for FOOD, but more importantly, I have a passion for good health and a lifetime of wellness. I enjoy sharing that passion with others that are seeking improved health and greater nutritional wellness. 

While battling my own health crisis years ago against Lyme Disease, I found that the food I chose to eat was extremely important.  The wrong food fueled my illness and the right food fueled my immune system, enabling me to fight back and win that battle.  That journey led me to study holistic nutrition and the positive effects it has on wellness.

Chronic illnesses are at an all time high.  Many individuals are dealing with multiple health issues.  I believe that by taking a functional approach to health and wellness we can get to the root of the problem.  Most often by making small changes in diet or lifestyle, many individuals are able to improve their health and often completely turn around their illness. 


I work with individuals to find the underlying cause of their health concern. Quite often the foods we consume do not meet our own unique dietary needs. Food is information for our body.  The right food turns on the switch for healing while the wrong food signals a health decline.

If you have been dealing with a health concern and would like to have guidance in using nutrition to support your body's natural healing mechanism you should contact me for a nutritional consultation.

Recipient of Healthy KC Workplace Award

Member: National Association of Nutritional Practitioners

                 Lyme Association of Greater Kansas City, Board of Directors

Education: Nutrition Therapy Institute, CNTP

                   Kansas State University, BS

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