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Prep Time: 15 minutes            Serves: 4   


2 Ripe avocados

1 TBSP Chopped red onion

2 Chopped garlic cloves

1 TBSP Lime juice, fresh squeezed

1 Chopped roma tomato

1/4 tsp Sea salt, adjust to taste

2 TBSP Chopped cilantro


Cut avocados in half and remove pit.  Spoon avocado out into a medium bowl.  Mash avocado with a fork.  Add the remaining ingredients stirring well.  Taste and adjust ingredients as needed to suit your particular taste.  


Serve with an assortment of fresh vegetables such as zucchini, red bell peppers, carrots, celery, and sugar snap peas.

* May add chopped jalapeno if you desire more kick to your guacamole.

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