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Roasted Red Bell Peppers
Roasted Red Peppers

Prep Time: 25 minutes     Bake Time: 30 minutes    Total Time: 55 minutes


Makes approximately 3/4 cup of roasted peppers




2 organic red bell peppers

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.


Line a baking dish with parchment paper.  Wash peppers and dry thoroughly.


Slice peppers in half from top to bottom and remove the stem and all seeds. 
















Place cut side down on the baking dish and roast in oven for approximately 30 minutes.  












Peppers are done when the skin is charred and peppers are soft.

Immediately place peppers on a plate and cover plate with a large glass bowl. Let stand for 20 minutes.















This allows for the steam to loosen the skin of the pepper so it can be easily removed.  Remove glass bowl and ensure the peppers are cool enough to handle.  Gently lift the skin off the peppers by pulling up a corner and peeling back the skin.













 Peppers are now ready to be used in an assortment of recipes from egg dishes to salads to hummus.  Be creative. Enjoy!

Roasted Red Bell Peppers
Red Bell Peppers
Red Bell Peppers
Roasted Red Bell Peppers
Roasted Red Bell Pepper
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